Mad Max (1980)

In the not-too-distant future, the roads are ruled by anarchy. Gangs control the streets, destroying anything in their path and killing as they please. A rouge cop sets off on a suicide mission to take out these ruthless thugs after his wife and child are murdered out of spite by the gang leaders. As opposed to the over-the-top action that drove THE ROAD WARRIOR in the years to follow, MAD MAX is a much more character driven film, with all of the heart and soul that was missing from the subsequent sequels. Aussie native Mel Gibson provides a powerful breakthrough performance as Max, a man pushed over the edge by hatred and grief. Director George Miller creates a series of dynamic chase sequences filled with incredible stunts and heart-racing suspense. While the film appears to be extremely graphic and violent, Miller tastefully implies the most horrific moments off-screen. In the most devastating sequence where Max's family is run down by Toecutter and his gang, the camera focuses on the road just past the action, as the bikers speed past and a small shoe and ball sprawl across the pavement. The combined effect of George Miller's fast-paced action, beautiful cinematography, and timeless revenge plot make MAD MAX one of the most exhilarating post-apocalyptic thrillers in the genre.

Rating: 10/10.

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite movies, Carl. This is one time I can say I like the dub over the original version. The AIP dub gave the characters these comic book voices that added to the appeal for me.

    Somebody behind the Thomas Jane PUNISHER movie must have been a fan of MAD MAX cause two scenes in that movie recreate two powerful scenes from MAD MAX; The death of Max's family and the death of Johnny the Boy.

  2. I was much more impressed this second watch through V, I originally watched the series out of order as a teen, and coming off of The Road Warrior I was expecting an entirely different movie. This time around, I was much happier to find such an interesting arrangement of characters and a much deeper storyline.

    Dolph's The Punisher was also filmed in AU wasn't it? I have no doubt it was heavily influenced from Mad Max from what I remember of the movie.