Man's Best Friend (1993)

Ally Sheedy stars as an investigatory reporter that rescues a dog from an experimental research facility. What she doesn't know is that Max has been genetically-engineered to become the ultimate killing machine, and his makers will stop at nothing to get him back! MAN'S BEST FRIEND is just another silly killer animal flick from the early 90's that barely skates by thanks to a tight script and serviceable directing from writer/director John Lafia as well as another strong performance by genre favorite Lance Henriksen. Max comes fully equipped with the claws of a jaguar, the eyes of an owl, the strength of a bear, and many other enhancements which he uses to terrorize the mailman and get his revenge on the company that made him. The deaths are expectantly tame, with the hilarious exception of a cat that is eaten whole by the marauding canine. MAN'S BEST FRIEND won't be winning any awards in the near future, but as a late night popcorn movie it is an entertaining enough entry in the killer animal genre.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. That cat eating scene is a classic!

  2. I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, it's serviceable sci-fi/nature-gone-amok action/horror, and Lance is always the man. On the other hand, it was the movie I was watching when some obnoxious idiot-girl I used to work with showed up at my apartment one night and I was stupid enough to have sex with her and it caused me all sorts of problems and shame, which last to this very day. Mixed bag.

    So I have a strange mental association with this movie, I guess it's not the dog's fault. Or yours. *sigh* I guess I'll just blame Ally Sheedy.

  3. The cat scene really is the awesomest thing ever filmed.

    As for you, Astro, dude. Way to ruin what was otherwise a passable Horror movie. Sometimes, you just have to keep it in your pants lol.. Probably the best Man's Best Friend story I have ever heard, only in the most horrible ways. My annecdote is that this was the first and possibly only film I ever ordered on Pay-Per-View with my friends. Lame.