Monster High (1989)

Norm, an average high school nobody, must find the courage to stop Mr. Armageddon and his team of monsters before they unleash their sinister doomsday device to destroy the world! MONSTER HIGH is a terribly unfunny, stupid, and utterly ridiculous Horror Comedy from the late 80's that still manages to be oddly entertaining. It offers a strange assortment of characters, including two oddball aliens, an eccentric madman, a mysterious puppet master acting behind the scenes, and a jaded narrator that delivers the plot like an uninterested newscaster. Despite the fact that the film looks and feels like a cheesy after-school special, there is an incredible number of bloody gags, plenty of excessive nudity, and enough foul-mouthed humor to earn itself a solid R-rating. Many of the gags rely on the viewer's familiarity with the genre, spoofing standard conventions while referencing many Horror classics. The monsters are as cheap and silly as they come, but they only add to the goofy charm of the film as a whole. MONSTER HIGH follows similar 80's parodies like STUDENT BODIES or RETURN TO HORROR HIGH, but with far less success.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. I remember seeing this a long time ago. The one thing that stood out, apart from how bad the film is in just about every way, was how the lead actress had about three body doubles doing her topless close-up shots, each time the breasts got bigger. I wonder if that was some sort of intentional gag?

  2. You know what I was thinking the same thing? It may have been a running gag like the dude that kept waking up from the dream?

    My fav was the sneaker gag where the dude just gets eviscerated by the microwaved sneakers. Best part of the whole flick!