The Road Warrior (1981)

In the barren wastelands of the post-apocalyptic future, one man stands above the rest: his name is Max, the Road Warrior. Introduced originally in the Australian trash and tumble actioner MAD MAX, creator George Miller transports his lead character into an entirely different environment for this second adventure. The world has been ravished by war, and all that remains are roving bands of marauders that scour the roads in search of fuel. Max, a lone warrior, battles his way through the packs of motor gangs with nothing to live for but revenge. His journey leads him to a remote oil refinery, whose leader acquires Max's help in leading his people through the treacherous desert in exchange for fuel. Miller's high-octane action sequences and explosive car chases across the Australian outback have served as a standard model for future filmmakers, with unforgettable scenes that have been copied and stolen repeatedly in the decades following its release. It is THE ROAD WARRIOR's wild costume designs and outrageous characters that set it apart from so many other imitations, especially seen in the frightening, larger-than-life villains Toadie and The Humungus that lead the feral hordes. Relics from the Old World are twisted and reformed to create the misshapen fortresses and gnarled body armor of the future. Although the plot and dialog are noticeably thin, Miller has drawn from the basic story structures used in cultures around the world to create an epic tale of good versus evil set in a futuristic landscape that offers a universal appeal to all viewers. Along with its predecessor, THE ROAD WARRIOR is a must-see film for all action and sci-fi fans, and a staple 1980's classic!

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. good call, great movie... saw it with my father... who thought rated "r" was going to be disney-style....

    i just met vernon wells and comic con...

  2. I love this film. Definitely my favorite of the trilogy, even though I enjoy them all. Mad Max rules!

  3. Nice iZ, I bet that was awesome man!

    This is easily my favorite in the series as well, rewatching Mad Max as we speak.