Saw 2 (2005)

SAW II removes the claustrophobic confines of the original by introducing a group of criminals into a house filled with more sinister games of survival. As the police close in on Jigsaw's lair, they are shocked to discover that his newest trap has been set in motion, and it is up to Detective Matthews to extract the building's location from Jigsaw before his own son is killed along with the other hostages. It is this second entry that made Tobin Bell and the Jigsaw killer icons of modern Horror through his expanded role and convincing methods. SAW II offers another intelligent script that lures the audience into Jigsaw's twisted code of morality and forces them to empathize with his character despite his ruthless acts. Despite Jigsaw's extensive character development, the film fails to capture the excitement and originality of the first. While the traps do cause some psychological distress in the thought of being burned alive or being tossed into a pit of dirty syringes, they are less inventive and far less satisfying. On top of that, the audience shares no sympathy with the unlikeable cast of victims, rendering the torture methods entirely ineffective. What newcomer Darren Lynn Bousman does achieve is a uniform look and feel to James Wan's original aesthetic, complete with tie-ins to the events in the previous film and an unexpected ending. SAW II is a competent followup that would develop the basic formula used in future installments of the series.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. Good call. This is my absolute favorite of the SAW movies. Kind of funny, though. The review made me think you did not like it... then you gave it 8/10.


  2. This actually is one of my least favorite films in the series, but by comparison it is still better than the average genre film. I love the Jigsaw stuff but I really grow tired of the convicts and the traps. Saw III > ALL!!

  3. I'm with JM on II, and for me, it's tied w/ Part III as my faves of the series... Those were still clever and violent without just devolving into redundant crap, as the later ones have kinda fallen victim to.

  4. This one was just average to me. I did enjoy it though, just not as much as the third movie. The only thing I remember is the ending and the bit with the needles. Need to see it again I suppose.