Sssssss (1973)

An eccentric herpetologist enlists the help of a college student to assist in his snake research, but the daily doses of 'anti-venom' that he has been administering to his star pupil begin to turn the boy into a slithering serpent! Anyone with a fear of snakes, beware! SSSSSSS boasts an array of live snakes that the actors handle, including the deadly King Cobra. It is impossible to take the film completely seriously, but thankfully the even blend of comedy, horror, and romance give the quirky characters and silly plot plenty of room to breath. Like Willard and Stanley before him, Dr. Stoner uses his fanged friends to exact revenge against his trespassers, which provides a decent little body count as the snakes bite and crush their way through the locals. Unfortunately, the final creature design fails to impress because of its aged make-up and special FX, but SSSSSSS still manages to be an entertaining killer animal entry from the early 70's!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I remember this one. Dirk Benedict turns into a snake in an astonishing scene of crappy 70's-era tv special effects, and Strother Martin overacts his way out of another paper bag. Laughable, but good goofy fun.

  2. it bothers me just to think about... watching it late night as a kid.

  3. A movie actually called Sssssss? That alone is worth checking it out!

  4. I am such an avid snake fan I couldnt wait to see this one, and cheesy as it is its a ton of fun. Silly performances, fake black mambas, whats not to like? PLUS.. Damnit I guess this is a spoiler

    A fucking cobra gets its head blown off with a shotgun!!!!
    **End SPOILER**

    How sweet is that, or in the case that you didnt read the spoiler, how much do you such for not knowing how sweet that scene was =D

  5. PS - Such is Californian slang for suck.

  6. John Chambers (PLANET OF THE APES) did the makeup on this one. I loved this as a kid seeing it on shock theater in the late 70's, early 80's. I was a bit disappointed, though, that Benedict merely turns into a King Cobra as opposed to a snake monster. Cool movie, though. It would have been nice to have seen this at a drive in, or theater to see if the nudity is obscured in the same way it is on the Warner DVD.

    It's funny seeing Reb Brown here as one of the bad guys. He later played Captain America in two made for TV movies and in a bunch of hilarious Italian action movies.

  7. I was really surprised he turned into a cobra, especially when the other dude was a half-man/half-snake. I preferred the make-up in The Reptile, but I didnt mind this one too much. Made me want to start daily injections of cobra venom.

    ..And whats the deal with Stoner getting bit multiple times by the Mamba without any death?

  8. Not sure, Carl. I don't remember that part. I haven't seen the film in years. It's due for a re-watch, though!