Babysitter Wanted (2008)

Angie is a poor college student takes on a babysitting gig at a remote farmhouse in order to pay for her school expenses. What starts as a quiet evening turns into the night from hell when she begins receiving suspicious phone calls from a mysterious stalker. BABYSITTER WANTED is a strong independent Slasher film that suffers tremendously from having been released in the same year as HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, considering that they are nearly shot-for-shot the exact same film. From the basic plotting and devilish twist to the vintage 80's aesthetic, it is frightening how similar the two truly are. Despite the fact, BABYSITTER WANTED shares many of the same strengths as Ti West's film. Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri have successfully created a spooky atmosphere and oppressive mood that builds up to what eventually becomes a brutal and graphic Slasher. The babysitting theme calls back to other genre classics like BLACK CHRISTMAS or WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, where common household noises and the fear of being alone tap into universal terrors the audience can relate to. Just past the half-way point, the entire direction of the film shifts, and girls are found hung, gutted, and dismembered as Angie struggles to survive. Sarah Thompson is excellent in the role of the sweet and unassuming girl next door, and brings a sincerity and authenticity to her performance. If BABYSITTER WANTED had only been released a year earlier, it may have had a much larger impact on Horror audiences, but that should not keep anyone from picking up this dark and mean-spirited film.

Rating: 7/10.

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