Bloody Reunion (2006)

Director Dae-wung Lim brings a touch of classic American Horror to Korean cinema in this dark and ultra-violent Slasher film! BLOODY REUNION follows a group of old classmates that return to the home of their sickly grade-school teacher for one final visit with her before she dies. Their trip sparks bitter memories and past rivalries, but are these hurtful childhood experiences enough to drive one of them to kill? Each of the standard conventions of the Slasher sub-genre have been adapted into this unique hybrid, including a number of blood-splattered deaths and a creepy killer in a blank bunny mask. BLOODY REUNION also draws influence from other Korean revenge thrillers like OLDBOY, where the victims are brutally punished for innocent and seemingly insignificant indiscretions that they committed when they were younger. The characters and mood of the picture travel on a slow downward spiral as a series of flashbacks reveal that their "beloved" Miss Park was actually quite cruel to each of her students, giving each of them a motive to kill while driving the tension and suspense. With an ample amount of gore, solid performances, and a surprising twist ending, BLOODY REUNION is a smart and engaging Slasher that lives up to its title!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Ya sold me, will check this one out.

  2. I love Bloody Reunion! This is one of those movies I picked up without knowing anything about it and it was completely awesome. Great story and characters, loooooooved it.

  3. Same here, I hadn't heard of it but loved the title and I was glad it paid off! The bunny mask really creeps me out =D

  4. Aw, I would have preferred you go with the real title- 'To Sir, With Love.'

    That point aside, I guess this is a good enough reason to reconsider getting it. When I get back into Asian horror, I'll give it a look.

  5. I typically go with whatever the film will be most easily recognizable by, which in most cases is whatever the US DVD release sells it as. This one is good times though, its worth the watch!

  6. I can see that. However...

    Imagine someone checking the reviews on your page and seeing 'From Sir, With Love' there. They'd do a double-take for sure.