Feast 2 (2008)

What could have been the next big Horror franchise after the success of the first film takes a turn for the worst in two back-to-back sequels from Project Greenlight winner John Gulager. FEAST 2 finds a gang of badass biker chicks arriving into a deserted town that has been destroyed by rampaging monsters. The group quickly aligns themselves with the town's last remaining survivors, a motley assortment of quirky characters that each have their own best interests in mind. Together, they try to capture the police station and collect the weapons they need in order to escape the city, but with hundreds of the fanged and sex-crazed beasts still running around, it is going to take both brilliant planning to make it out alive!

FEAST received a remarkable reception from Horror fans for many reasons. On a superficial level, it was a balls-out gorefest with an incredible amount of splatter and many disgusting gross-outs. On a more interesting note, it managed to completely betray genre conventions and turn them on their heads, making for some of the most unexpected moments in recent Horror. The one monster movie tradition that the film did uphold was the idea of keeping the monsters hidden until the final reveal in the end. Many attributed the film's success to Project Greenlight's newest protege, John Gulager, but it was quickly revealed that FEAST was the product of many outside contributors that shaped the final outcome.

What, then, would happen when Gulager was left to his own devices, free from any external input from watchful producers and studio heads? FEAST 2 quickly answers that question.

Unlike in the previous installment, which occurred in a single night in a confined location, FEAST 2 is shot primarily during the daytime in an open cityscape. This immediately lessens the effect of having a creature suddenly appear out of the darkness, and dramatically reduces any chances of creating suspense. What is worse, having the monsters run rampant in broad daylight reveals their cheap, rubbery designs and exposes the low budget of the picture. The final third of the film is shot from a rooftop set overlooking the street below, but the painfully artificial setting looks completely unnatural due to a series of poorly assembled greenscreening jobs. To add to this, the cartoony computerization of both the blood and gore are further signs of a careless production.

In an attempt to outdo the politically-incorrect kills of the first film, FEAST 2 not only kills a crippled boy, but has one of the creatures eat a baby and has a little person ripped to shreds for pure shock value. These scenes aren't without their humor, but they serve no other purpose than to upset the viewer. Lacking any other substance or worth of any kind, FEAST 2 strives to increase the amount of blood and other bodily fluids that can be used to gross-out its audiences. Nearly every gag involves some form of scatological humor, including a particularly disgusting autopsy scene that drenches the characters in a geyser of alien vomit, feces, and semen.

As if it weren't enough for the plot to be completely pointless, the characters in FEAST 2 serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. There is no progression shown for any of the characters, and the ones that do speak spew garbage from their mouths. The only forgivable reason for having two of the biker chicks present at all is for them strip completely nude for the entire third act of the film. Where FEAST successfully surprised audiences with its unexpected twists, the unexpected has become expected in both sequels. If a character is introduced as being any sort of hero, the viewer knows he or she will be killed off almost instantly. Rather than turning the tables once more and counteracting this trend that was set in the original FEAST, Gulager and his writing team fall back on the same exact devices, and do not introduce anything even remotely new or creative.

Despite all of its inherent flaws, there is an audience for the FEAST sequels. Horror fans that can appreciate an absurd amount of gratuitous gore and pointless nudity will love this mindless piece of self-indulgent trash cinema, but many fans of the original will be sorely disappointed with the film's sheer stupidity.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 8/10.

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  1. You are generous; I wouldn't give this film above a 1.

    While I liked "Feast", but I couldn't even stand to watch this movie in its entirety. The only thing this film shows is how a bad situation can bring out the absolute worst in people who are not all that reputable to start with.

    Instead gore and despicable choices, I wish the director would have made it more campy and gone for the funny bone instead of the shock value one and might have been a good film.

  2. Its definitely one of the rare examples where I wish there was more studio involvement. This really is a trial in patience, but I found 3 to be the worst in the series by far.

  3. you guys fuckin suck that shit was not meant to be some well scripted i care how it turns out work of art that all comes together in a way that makes everyone happy kind of movie.... it was simple entertainment all the way through the shit that hooks you in and dumb and cheesy shit they throw out makes it all the more original. the people who wrote and made the film i am sure could have made it to the common liking but they didn't that is why all 3 of the movies were a breath of fresh air in my opinion.

  4. Given your uncanny speaking abilities, it is no wonder you liked the film so much. Did you not read our review of FEAST?