Feast 3 (2008)

FEAST 3 continues from the exact moment that the second film left off, with the last remaining survivors trapped on a rooftop while attempting to outrun the alien menace in the streets below. After a brave escape, the group takes off into the sewers to try to make their way back to the big city, but new dangers lurk in the subterranean passageways under the deserted town. FEAST 3 has all of the same failings that cluttered the last film, without the benefit of having even half as many gory deaths or sickening gross-outs. It continues to add to its list of missteps through the inadequate lighting in the sewer scenes, horribly shot action sequences, and poor pacing. Audiences can expect all of the same low-brow humor and ridiculous plotting tools with no bloody payoff whatsoever. The one hope that FEAST 3 does bring is that this will be the final film in a failing series.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 5/10.


  1. I know you try to avoid spoilers, but how can you not mention the ridiculous ending? It...it just boggles my mind and makes me angry.

    Oh yeah, the movie as a whole sucks major balls too. You want to ruin a film- make it unwatchable.

  2. This was the second time I watched the film but only the first time I was able to make it to the ending. Dude. WTF. Honestly. How did anyone approve the script for this garbage? The ending tried to be so spontaneous and random, but it was just purely idiotic. Both of the sequels just end with no climax and no resolution. It is just lazy and pathetic filmmaking at its worst.

  3. I DON'T KNOW!!!!

    Who thinks of something like that, writes it down and actually gets it approved? It's so bad that you almost expect the DP or the grips to go 'Seriously, I'm not going to film that shit!'

    Fun fact: the guy with the pipe through his head is Gulager's brother. So, the final four involve the director/writer's dad and his brother? That's just bad.

    So, when are you finally going to do the other shitty Direct-to-DVD series: Pulse 2 and 3? You can't resist them, no matter how much you want to!

  4. We both know its inevitable, but Im putting it off. Just got sponsored by Palisades so I will be going through a TON of the Asian Extreme films shortly. I noticed John's brother was in the credits, though I cant rightfully knock that when Im a huge Ted Raimi fan lol..

  5. Well, have fun watching 'Sick Nurses' and 'The Wig' then. :-)