The Guyver (1991)

A young martial artist fuses with a space-age armor that has been stolen from a secret research facility, the Chronos Corporation, which will stop at nothing to get it back. "The Guyver" must now face off against the Zoanoids, half-human creatures controlled by Chronos, in order to stop the company from recovering the Guyver unit and destroying mankind! Straight from the pages of the popular manga by Yoshiki Takaya comes THE GUYVER, a live-action comic book that offers incredible special effects and make-up work by long-time Brian Yuzna collaborator Screaming Mad George. From the living body armor worn by The Guyver to his reptilian adversaries, THE GUYVER produces some of George's most unique and ambitious costume designs. Unfortunately, this is the only area where the film succeeds. Between the poor scripting and laughable performances, THE GUYVER crosses over from campy B-movie fun into straight cheese. Its attempts at incorporating humor into the dialog fail on every level. Not even the brief cameos by Sci-Fi icons Jeffrey Combs and Mark Hamill are able to save the picture. David Gale is the one person to put in an enjoyable performance as the evil Zoalord, recreating the same over-the-top character he played in RE-ANIMATOR and SYNGENOR. While it comes off as being nothing more than an extended television episode of bad rubber monster mayhem, the special effects in the film are enough to warrant at least a single viewing.

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.

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  1. me likey this movie, it was fun and crazy...

  2. I was a little disappointed that this wasn't as grim and violent as the anime, but the plentiful action made up for it. Lots of monsters in Japanese Tokusatsu style.

  3. I grew up on this one and the sequel, love them each very much for the nostalgic aspect. I feel opposite of you in terms of the cutting V, I grow tired of the set up and exposition in this one and only wish there was more action. When the action does hit, 90% of it involves The Guyver just tossing people a few feet into a wall. Still, awesome costumes and plenty of cheese to make it well worth the watch!

  4. I haven't seen either in years, but I remember liking the first the best as it moved much better than the waaayyy too long sequel. Also, there was a giant monster in the first which always helps.