Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Mad Max's third adventure takes him through a deadly gladiator's arena before he is outcast into the desert for defying the mighty warlord of Bartertown. Here, he is taken in by a lost city of children that revere him as their god and savior, and it is up to Max to lead his followers out of the desert and deliver them to safety. BEYOND THUNDERDOME offers an enormous scale and an incredible post-apocalyptic setting, one that far exceeds that of even THE ROAD WARRIOR. The story structure is nearly identical to the last film, where Max serves as the only means of salvation for an isolated and vulnerable group of survivors. The Thunderdome from which the film derives its title features one of the most ambitious action sequences in the series, pitting Max against the colossal warrior Blaster in a battle to the death, complete with rusted chainsaws and a monstrous metal cage. While George Miller brings the same fun characters, stunning cinematography, and epic adventure to the series closer, BEYOND THUNDERDOME just isn't as fresh or exciting as either of the previous entries, and lacks the high-powered energy and over-the-top action that made THE ROAD WARRIOR such a smashing success. It is still an enjoyable sequel for fans of the series, and a strong futuristic fantasy.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. I watched the first one when I was a little kid and it scared the beegees out of me. I've never watched the sequels. Heck I haven't watched the original again since I grew up. More to add to the old pile.

  2. Mad Max and The Road Warrior demand a rewatch immediately TS, but Thunderdome can sit on the pile just a weeee bit longer ;)