Maximum Overdrive (1986)

80's audiences knew they were in for a fun ride when MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE kicked off by having an ATM machine call writer/director Stephen King an 'asshole' in the opening scene! Adapted from his own short story Trucks, King's first and only directing gig has the world overrun by killer machines that have been brought to life by a passing comet. It is up to a small group of survivors led by Emilio Estevez to take out the metal monsters before they destroy everything in their path! King's dark humor overflows into ever aspect of the script, from the sharp dialog to the hilarious manner in which the characters are killed. Early on, an entire Little League team is pelted to death by a rogue soda machine, while one of the kids is flattened by a steamroller after being thrown off of his rebel bicycle. Later, several characters are shocked, shot, and splattered by oncoming autos. On top of the outrageous deaths, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE is filled with thrilling chase sequences, explosive action, and an electric soundtrack by Australian rockers AC/DC! Emilio Estevez plays the ultimate gun-totting badass, turning the renegade machines into twisted metal with a grenade in one hand and a bazooka in the other. Fans can easily overlook the repeated errors in logic and plot cohesion as they head-bang to the bloody carnage on-screen. MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE is a high-octane 80's classic, and a must-see for Horror fans!

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 9/10.

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  1. I know a lot of people tend to look down on it but I always thought it was hilarious.

  2. Dude theres no way anyone can look down on Maximum Overdrive, its awesome in a can!

  3. One of the worst films ever made in this universe or any other! I liked the poster though, which incorporated the face of Stephen King in it. The most amazing thing about 'Maximum Overdrive' is that Emilio Estevez was offered work after it. King has admitted he was off his tree on coke while making this, and it shows.

  4. C'mon, Shaun, you know there is that small part of you inside that laughs every time the soda machine kills the kids, and you have to get some enjoyment out of the fact that only select machines that fit the plot were effected by the comet (escape boat and guns excluded) =D

  5. What 80's feel this movie has!!
    "We made you!!!!"
    I loved every minute of it!!!