P. (2005)

Aaw must leave her home in the forests of Thailand in order to try and make enough money to afford her grandmother's medicine, using any means necessary. This leads her into the seedy underbelly of Bankok, where she is forced to sell her body and dance at a local bar. After being repeatedly used and abused, Aaw casts her grandmother's spells to exact revenge against those who wronged her. But when she fails to follow her grandmother's three basic rules, the magic turns against her and transforms her into a bloodthirsty demon! Paul Spurrier's dark possession tale is deeply rooted in Thai culture and superstition, bringing a unique new twist to the saturated supernatural theme. P. offers a strong moralistic undertone that revenge is never the path to righteousness, no matter how much someone has been wronged. The decisive use of color sets a clear mood for each of the exotic locations, with the lush greens of Aaw's forest home contrasted against the cold grays of the city and the strip club's saturated reds. Unlike the cliche black-haired, pale-skinned ghosts that have populated Asia's ghost films over the last decade, Aaw's alter self is a terrifying cat-like demon with piercing yellow eyes that protrude from the darkness only moments before she strikes. The weight of the film's success lies in the young actress Suangporn Jaturaphut's phenomenal performance, who shows an incredible range as she bounces between playing the innocent peasant girl, a wild seductress, and ultimately a fearsome killer. As frightening as it is well-made, P. is one of the scariest films to come out of Thailand since SHUTTER!

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. I have this one in my pile to watch. Definitely moving it up the que! Thanks for the grave review and I deeply apologize for my absence....I missed your blog more than you know.


  2. I'm certain you will enjoy it FQ, and I always expect you to be quite busy come Frog-o-ween =D