The Psycho Legacy (2010)

No film in classic Horror is more notorious than Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO. Likewise, no set of sequels are more notoriously overlooked, grossly underrated, and sickeningly scorned in their bare-bones video releases than the PSYCHO-sequels. Thankfully, writer/director Robert V. Galluzzo has set out to create the definitive documentary on the series by compiling years of behind-the-scenes photos and press cards with an extraordinary number of interviews, including such esteemed filmmakers as Tom Holland, David Schow, Adam Green, Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, and countless others (many of whom have been intimately attached to the films). While Galluzzo falls just short of his ultimate goal, THE PSYCHO LEGACY does pull together an excellent assortment of entertaining stories, revealing facts, and reflections on all four entries, many of which have never been shared in the past. Rare footage of the late Anthony Perkins is also integrated into the feature, along with past interviews with co-stars Vera Miles and Janet Leigh. For the most part, the conversations are topical and are spliced together smoothly between interviewees, although the questionable choices in editing and computerized transitions cause minor distractions. In addition to the standard runtime, the Shout Factory! 2-disc release includes over 3-hours of bonus material, featuring Anthony Perkins' unedited panel discussion and footage from a recent PSYCHO cast reunion. THE PSYCHO LEGACY is an essential addition to any fan's collection that finally bridges the gaps left by the Universal releases.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Hope I get to see this. The original is a classic, without doubt, but the sequels do merit some accolades of their own, in varying degrees. Cool stuff.

  2. It always warms my heart to see the PSYCHO sequels get some good word-of-mouth. Which begs the question, C-man - since YOU warmed my heart, does that make me gay now? It's fine either way, just asking your opinion. I'm soooo confused right now, conflicting emotions raging inside me like a storm...

    *ahem*, yes, so. PSYCHO sequels, hooray!!

  3. No, it makes US gay now lol.. This is good stuff guys, FINALLY some friggin behind the scenes materials for the Psycho films!! Disc is due out shortly, I give it the "Must-Buy" of approval!