Slaughter Night (2006)

Kristel and her friends travel to Belgium to recover her father's last manuscript, but what she finds instead are an old music box and an Ouija board that belonged to the satanic murderer that her father had become obsessed with. After accepting an invitation from a friendly curator to visit the mine where the demonic Andries Martiens was sentenced to death, the group quickly becomes trapped before the killer's evil spirit begins possessing their souls and lopping off their heads! SLAUGHTER NIGHT is an excellent throwback to 80's gore classics like NIGHT OF THE DEMONS or Lamberto Bava's Italian counterpart DEMONS, filled with bloody violence, terrifying make-up, and a ton of gruesome splatter. It sets an uneasy and claustrophobic vibe within the close quarters of the abandoned mine, which adds a genuine creepiness to the already horrific killings. The slow build allows the audience to identify with the characters, who become more than just average teen stereotypes. Once the action begins, SLAUGHTER NIGHT becomes an unstoppable wave of blood, guts, and missing heads. Directors Frank von Geloven and Edwin Visser make a huge misstep in the digital filming and choppy editing of the action sequences, which are both disorienting and messily shot. Overall, it is a fun and gory ride that would make for a perfect double-bill with either THE HAZING or THE CONVENT!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. I really dug this one too. Enough of an 80's throwback for sure but it also had some originality to it.

    One of the better retro-slashers out there.

  2. I can't help it: I just hated this movie. Everything after the first 15-20 minutes bored the shit out of me.