Watchers (1988)

The military has devised a pair of biological weapons to use in tactical assaults against the enemy: one, a super-intelligent canine unit used to locate and infiltrate the enemy, and the other, a mutant beast sent to seek and destroy the dog any anyone in its proximity. When one of the dogs escapes and aligns itself with a high school student, it is up to a trained assassin to find the two and stop the killer Oxcom unit! WATCHERS is a fun, kid-friendly creature-feature from the late-80's starring Corey Haim as the film's eccentric teenager that is constantly on the run. It manages to strike an even balance between the campy humor involving the clever canine and the scarier moments when the Oxcom attacks from just off-camera in a series of bloodless kills. Most of the film's suspense is built on the final reveal of the creature when it catches up with Travis and Furface in the end, but the short lived battle is anti-climactic. Michael Ironside makes an appearance as the ruthless N.S.O. agent, living up to the typically sadistic villains he has portrayed in other films. Along with its sequels, WATCHERS makes for an entertaining monster movie with plenty of safe thrills!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. You're going to make me really upset by reviewing all of the sequels soon, aren't you? I just know it.

    Sorry, but I'm not paying $41.00 for a DVD of these two films. The whole 'Corey Haim dying' thing probably isn't helping matters either.

  2. I only own 1, 2, and 4, so 3 is going to be out for the time being.. stupid netflix... I got the double feature for $6 at FYE 3 years back, it was selling for $68 back then, they got faced

  3. Kid friendly? I haven't seen it in years, but I thought there were some decapitations and other bloody business in this R rated flick?

    I've not seen the fourth one. If you've seen PREDATOR, Carl, then you've seen WATCHERS 3. Same movie only the monster does this weird dance like motion when it moves in on its victims. Wings Hauser is in a decidedly less psycho role than usual.

  4. I think there may have been a brief decapitation, but the only other nastiness is the after effect of the victims having their eyes removed. Most of the gore is told through shadows or is cut away from right before the attack meets completion. It wasn't any more gruesome than an average episode of Goosebumps, and the light tone make it a safe bet for the kiddies, at least for those of us that grew up in the 80's when the other Horror options were Friday the 13th or My Bloody Valentine =D