The Forest (1982)

THE FOREST is a stupid and confused Slasher-turned-ghost-story about two couples who are stalked through the woods by a cannibalistic killer. The awful score is the best THE FOREST has to offer over its uneventful storytelling, bloodless murders, and idiotic characters. It is simply a bore to watch, and the supernatural elements plot elements make absolutely no sense. The ghosts of the killer's family come and go at various points, interacting with the characters who seem entirely unfazed by their existence. Thankfully, a few of the poorly scripted lines make for some unintentional humor and mild entertainment, but other than that, this is a bottom of the barrel Horror with no redeeming qualities. It is clearly the work of a talentless director looking to exploit the "Slasher in the woods" theme.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 3/10.

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  1. Ouch! Looks pretty bad. Will avoid at all costs. I can see myself unwittingly picking this one up.

  2. I liked The Forest a lot. I loved how Don Jones threw in the whole ghost story aspect to a typical woods slasher. Cheesy? Yes. But original and creepy too.

  3. If it had been handled differently the ghost angle may have worked, but it just came off as being lazy in my eyes, the mom randomly appearing at the end then just walking away? I actually bought the movie on your recommendation Star, not that I regret it since the film is going OOP but I was crossing my fingers and hoping that this was going to be that lost Slasher gem I missed all these years =D

  4. Bloodless gore in a slasher/ghost story set in the woods. That's sacrilege! But is it better than Don't Go In the Woods? Or does it have a theme as hilariously lame as DGITW?

  5. The Forest is probably the better film in terms of quality of filmmaking, but the ridiculous gore and cheesiness of DGITW definitely takes the cake out of the two. Both stinkers in my opinion!