Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)

In the final installment of the GINGER SNAPS trilogy, we take a trip back to where it all began. Set during the period of Western Expansion, Brigitte and Ginger arrive at an isolated fort that serves as the last refuge for weary travelers after their boat is overturned in the river. Their sanctuary soon is overrun by a vicious pack of wolves that rule the woods, and the girls must form a blood pact to protect one another after one of them is bitten in a fray. What could have otherwise been a colorful mythology behind two of modern Horror's favorite characters is instead turned in to a muddled mess of a film. The period piece is repeatedly disillusioned as the characters drift in and out of their accents at their leisure, but it is Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins' awkward acting that feels the most out of place here. They are written as if they are still living in modern times, where the rest of the supporting characters play within the setting. GINGER SNAPS BACK does offer some of the most beautifully-shot sequences in the series, with stunning Gothic imagery rising out of the chilling atmosphere, but the blending of traditional Native American folklore with the sister's twisted tale is often confusing and never quite pays off in the end. Harvey essentially paraphrases Antonia Bird's highly underrated RAVENOUS while supplementing many of the characters for werewolves. If one thing can be said for the GINGER SNAPS series, however, it is that each film brings something interesting and unique to the werewolf genre, and in that regard, GINGER SNAPS BACK does not disappoint.

Rating: 7/10.


  1. The film is worth watching for some good shots in the ending bit, but otherwise pointless.

    As a whole, it makes no sense. Does it really set-up the story of the original? No. They overshoot it with this film by a mile!

    Oh yeah, the girls have great-great grandparents who have the same names, appearances and ages of them at the same time of the events. Yeah, right.

    Be honest, movie- you wrote yourself into a corner and got stuck.

    You wanted to be clever? Make the film about the mother (maybe played by one of the girls, for all I care) and her never-before-seen sister. It could explain the werewolves origin (which is ignored) and have a point. Oops.

  2. If they could have dropped the teen-agnsty angle and had the girls play the roles straight, and then lead the audience to assume that they were simply reincarnated each lifetime into the same forms, I would be willing to extend myself to the furthest reaches of the earth for them. By adding the modern speak, they just diminished any believability the film may have held. Too high-concept for its own good.

  3. I agree... confusing, unnecessary, too much like RAVENOUS, but yes, the movie *looked* great.

  4. And of course the first ginger snaps film was by far the best.

    I thought that this film was alright though, at least compared all of the crappy werewolf horror films that are out there.