The Gruesome Twosome (1967)

When the first sign in a Herschell Gordon Lewis film reads "100% Human Hair Wigs for Sale," is there ever any question where the hair came from? Mrs. Pringle and her son Rodney run a charming little wig shop with amazingly beautiful heads of hair. Next door, they offer a room for rent open to any unfortunate coeds that plan on living off campus. It isn't long before the police are able to connect the missing college girls with the little shop of horrors! THE GRUESOME TWOSOME has all of the same dreadful acting and stagnant directing that Horror fans have come to expect from the later H.G. Lewis efforts . As always, the only thing worth watching for is the gore. The film is hardly able to make its feature run-time even with the ridiculous amount of useless filler. Lewis opens with a mindless conversation between two Styrofoam heads, adds random scenes of go-go dancing and people eating food, and then extends the murder sequences to outrageous lengths. The strange characters and throwaway plot never come close to reproducing the same level of fun and camp found in the original Blood Trilogy, but it still holds its place among 60's Gore aficionados.

Rating: 3/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. This was actually the first H.G. Lewis movie I saw. My dad had told me stories about this movie since I was little because he saw it at a Drive-In. It played after a Clint Eastwood movie and every started to leave after the film. He thought it was pretty funny. Naturally, when it finally came out on DVD...I had to buy it and watch it with him.

    This movie is terrible, but it's one of my favorite movies to show people because of the awkward filler scenes. In particular, that movie at the Drive-In is just unbelievable.

  2. That really is the most random scene I have ever seen. Although, the fruit squisher really is an ultimate badass of space marine proportions! I am not looking forward to going back to Gore Gore Girls, with the exception of Wizard of Gore I cant stand any of Lewis' films after the Blood Trilogy. Just garbage!

  3. I pretty much hated this one myself. Hard - painful, even- to sit through all the dull, amateurish "acting" and the gore is unimpressive even for "cheap crap" standards... this movie just made feel really agitated and impatient. Sold my copy of it loooong ago. A "3" is generous, m'man.

  4. I gave it an extra point for the old lady that reminded me of the mom from SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and for Leopold the stuffed leopard. Other than that, fail.