H (2002)

H is one of the strongest thrillers to come out of Korea since Park Chan Wook's VENGEANCE trilogy. While it has taken obvious ques from key American influences such as THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, it is not just another cheap imitation. The film follows detectives Kang and Kim as they track down a copycat killer that has been murdering women using the same patterns as a man that they have already imprisoned. With the next murder only days away, they must confide in the sadistic Shin Hyun in order to find out the identity of the new killer before it is too late. Director Jong-hyuk Lee combines a smart script with a clean shooting style to produce a fast-paced and suspenseful crime drama that is built on a pair of excellent performances by Jin-hee Ji and Jung-ah Yum as the two cunning detectives. Their performances are equaled by the calm and calculating Shin Hyun, played by a convincing Seung-woo Cho. Lee takes extra care in establishing his characters and constructing the mystery behind the murders, but none of the clues that are dropped throughout the film give any indication of the killer's true identity. This makes the reveal in the end feel both convenient and contrived. Outside of this unfortunate misstep, H is a top-rate psychological thriller with a winning cast and many bloody murders.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. OOOHH! So glad to see you review this one. I usually don't like these thriller murder type of movies, but I did like this one. I thought the story was intelligent and well told.

    I knew I liked you for a reason :)


  2. Well I like Lambs and Se7en so I will definitely want to check this out. Did you get this via Netflix or do you recommend a site to purchase it. You gave it a high score so it sounds like it could be a keeper.

  3. Thanks Froggie, I really enjoyed this one as well! Geof, grab a cheap copy on Amazon used for like $2, its well worth the buy. I own it, and have already watched it twice!