Live Freaky! Die Freaky! (2006)

LIVE FREAKY! DIE FREAKY! almost defies description. It is a musical horror comedy about Charlie Manson and The Manson Family as told by deranged clay puppets. John Roecker directs this psychedelic nightmare that is not unlike Jim Van Bebber's outrageous film THE MANSON FAMILY. Roecker enlists the help of alternative rockers Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, Kelly Osbourne, Travis Barker, and many others to voice Manson and the rest of the sadistic characters. The crude stop-motion animation is just plain disturbing, like a Technicolor Tool music video that lasts over an hour. LF!DF! takes puppet sex, drugs, and rock and roll to their furthest and most disgusting extremes since MEET THE FEEBLES. Roecker's tasteless writing is clearly intended to shock and offend the audience in any and every way possible, which he has certainly achieved. As if the subject matter and awful humor weren't enough, he also demonizes the victims and blames them for their own destruction. All of the dialog is as heavy and indecipherable as The Family's beliefs, and it isn't nearly as smart or funny as Roecker would want you to believe. The only thing that is more surprising than the fact that so many rock icons signed on to the project is that anyone with John Roecker's animation skills and imagination would waste their talent on this garbage. LIVE FREAKY! DIR FREAKY! should only be seen for the simple fact that a film of its nature even exists.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. thanks! I don't need to see it to believe this crap exists. lol Are you sure you should mention Tool in the same review? I think Maynard would be disappointed.

  2. Only for lack of a better comparison, the Tool videos seem to be a clear inspiration here, if they were raped, mangled, and pasted back together with glitter. And semen.

  3. OMG... why haven't i heard of this before?

    sweet beetlejuice Carl, this sounds freekin magnificent!!!

    i know i've totally gone against the grain with both your review synopsis and El-B-movieBeckorama's sheer disgust/ horror without even having seen it, but it def sounds like it falls into the so bad it's good category for me. the Tool reference sealed the deal for reelz!!!

    mind you, "Team America - World Police" is in my top 10 movies of all time ever in existence, so there's a bit of a bench-mark as to my mental health condition when it comes to what's considered "good" movies in my lil biosphere.

  4. Honestly, the movie has been specifically-tailored to a select audience, and you likely fall right in the middle of it SP! The fans of the film think it is the greatest thing to ever have graced the Earth, it just isn't my thing. I wanted to enjoy it more and let down my guard to have a good time with the film, but I just couldnt get into the humor.