Princess (2006)

August must leave the clergy to find his orphaned niece after his ex-porn star sister dies of an overdose. When realizes that Mia has been repeatedly abused, his mind snaps and he sets out on a murderous rampage against the men that ruined his family's lives. Director Anders Morgenthaler presents this award-winning animated feature out of Denmark, an incredibly violent revenge thriller that is strictly aimed at an adult audience. Morgenthaler's stylized design integrates classical hand-drawn animation with computerized imaging and superimposed film footage to create a truly unique viewing experience. PRINCESS is unrelenting when it comes to shocks and suspense, with tawdry, sexually-explicit material that would have been unfilmable using live actors. In many ways, it resembles an animated version of the Swedish Exploitation classic THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE, boasting just as much action and obscenity as Vibenius' notorious film. What makes these vulgar displays acceptable are Morgenthaler's carefully crafted-characters and intricately-laid plot that lead up to August's spiteful vengeance in the end. PRINCESS will not be suitable for all audiences, but it is worth seeking out for fringe film fans.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. Different, was waiting to hear you hated it, for some reason. Will check it's availability!

  2. Far from it, it is definitely a tough watch, especially when the family is around, but it is a good revenge flick with a few brutal moments!