The Victim (2006)

An aspiring young actress begins working with the police to help solve murder cases by posing for a series of reenactments, but in doing so, she entices the ghosts of the victims, who begin appearing to her in hopes that she will avenge their souls. Unlike so many other RINGU and JU-ON imitators out of Asian in the past decade, THE VICTIM draws much more influence from American films like STIR OF ECHOES or THE SIXTH SENSE, while introducing a unique ghost tale of its own. Monthon Arayangkoon creates a number of spine-tingling moments using striking visuals, creepy set pieces, and a haunting score, each of which heighten the scares when the spirits spring out to startle the audience. The main problem with the film lies in the obstructive reveal that occurs midway through the picture, which forces a restart for all of the characters and results in a muddled, confused mess in the second half of the script. Arayangkoon immediately loses all forward momentum as well as the audience's attention in doing so, even though the acting and production remain on par with the first segment. It is unfortunate that the film takes such a devastating turn, since it showed a great deal of promise in its initial build. Regardless, THE VICTIM begins strong and offers many chilling moments that make it worth seeking out.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Sounds cool, and the 'reveal' intrigues me now! hahaha

  2. I had to hesitate before posting on it, as it is a pretty significant twist and would spoil much of the fun!