Werewolf Woman (1976)

A sheltered rape victim begins dreaming that she is transforming into a wolf by nightfall. It isn't long before dead bodies start turning up all around her, but is she truly becoming a bloodthirsty beast, or is it all in her head? Rino di Silvestro takes a brilliant concept and drags it through the 1970's Eurotrash gutter. The plot consistently falls secondary to the heightened sexuality at every point throughout the film. There are moments where the twist on the lycanthropic theme does shine through, however. The wolf resembles all of the primal urges that Daniela has been trying to repress, which manifest themselves as violence and rage when she becomes aroused. Unfortunately, WEREWOLF WOMAN is poorly acting and overly dramatic, and what is worse is that every attempt at eroticism is spoiled by Annik Borel's old, sagging body and complete lack of sex appeal. Outside of a few gory moments and plenty of nudity, there is very little to watch for here.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Annik Borel's lack of sex appeal? Are you kidding me, bro? I'll keep any further comments to myself *ahem*, but I'll just say that I do respectfully disagree with you, sir. Otherwise we're on the same boat with this movie. Not very good and damn that misleading title straight to Hell, but a unique and somewhat interesting little movie nonetheless.

  2. PS - Finally grabbed this one after your review =D

    I found her completely and utterly unsexy, maybe it is the dubbing, but when she is calling out to the American guy she just looks like a beat old whore. She must have been pushing 40 by the time she got this role? If not.. Yikes. The cheesy overacting and script that beat its premise over your head knocked me out of the story repeatedly, but I LOVED the idea with the exception of the fact that it now makes my script significantly less original..