Whatcha Gonna Queue Halloween Special!

Alex and Jim from the new podcast "Whatcha Gonna Queue" dropped in to share their new Halloween episode premiering on Youtube and several other media outlets this week! "Whatcha Gonna Queue" does all of the dirty work for you Horror fans, and combs through Netflix for those undermentioned genre films that are easily accessible through one the queues. At the end of each episode, Alex and Jim also have incredible giveaways where they hand out copies of the films that were mentioned during the show to the first several followers that can answer a few simple questions through their Twitter account! Great reviews, tons of recommendations, and FREE Horror giveaways? That has our code of approval. Check out the Halloween episode below, and be sure to subscribe to "Whatcha Gonna Queue" on Youtube today:


  1. Did a post for them myself earlier this week, love the idea and I hope they keep going with this! You should get a seat there, sir, you have led me to add so many to my queue!

  2. I told the guys I only wish I had thought of the idea myself, with the growing trends of online renting, this is the perfect new video series!