Escape from New York (1981)

John Carpenter had already proved himself as a master of suspense in HALLOWEEN and THE FOG, but with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, he also demonstrates his ability to tackle multi-million dollar blockbusters with the same skill and precision. The year is 1997. Manhattan has been turned in to a self-contained prison that harbors the country's most dangerous criminals. When a group of criminals hijack Air Force One and crash it into downtown Manhattan, the President of the United States is taken hostage and held as a bargaining tool in exchange for their freedom. The special police forces must enlist the help of Snake Plissken, an ex-Special Forces agent turned criminal, to infiltrate the city and rescue the president before the world powers initiate a global takeover! Carpenter and production designer Joe Alves have done an amazing job at transforming the New York City streets into a ravished post-apocalyptic nightmare. Kurt Russell puts in one of his most memorable performances as the raspy-voiced and resourceful Snake Plissken, who has since become a cult action hero. Although the plot is rather sparing, it is filled with plenty of dark humor and explosive action sequences as Snake battles his way into the interior of the city against all odds. Thirty years later, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK packs just as many thrills and impressive special effects as it had at the time of its release!

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. this is one of my favorite films... the rawness is what makes it great... oh yeah! snake too!

  2. Believe it or not, this was the first time I have seen it Jer!

  3. Great film. I remember catching it on a VHS my uncle made from when it first came on HBO. At the time I thought it was a horror movie. I think it plays better without that train sequence at the beginning, too. The film is kind of slow to me and lacks a lot of action, but the characters make it worthwhile at least to me. I went to see the sequel opening day and loved it and went to see it two more times. Both movies are awesome in their own way, I think.

  4. I havent seen LA yet, but plan to soon. I dont know what kept me from seeing this one, but I did enjoy it a ton. At the start, I was afraid Russell was going to be way too over the top, but his character settles in during the chase sequences and becomes much more believable. What a great twist in the end, even if it is forseeable!

  5. i am glad it finally made it your way, it is never too late to see a great film...