Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday the 13th (2009)

As one teen sets off to locate his missing sister, seven others pull up to a secluded house in the woods for a weekend of fun at Crystal Lake, but what none of them realize is that there is a crazed killer in a hockey mask picking off anyone that trespasses into his forest... The Platinum Dunes re-imagining of the Slasher classic FRIDAY THE 13TH returns the series to its frightening roots by removing the 80's camp in place of hard scares and raw, gritty gore. After a lengthy false start, the film finally gets underway with a moderate pace and frequent kills. Its average teen characters are no more complex than in any of the earlier entries, but the acting is slightly better than usual. Derek Mears brings a power and ferocity that makes him a formidable choice as the new Jason Voorhees. Although the violent murder sequences are darker and more realistic than ever before, many fans responded with far less enthusiasm since this also reduced much of the fun and entertainment. This new version is also unable to strike the delicate balance between laughs and scares that has typically defined the FRIDAY THE 13TH films. Where Marcus Nispel succeeds most is in creating a variety of striking visual moments where Jason looms over his victims in nightmarish poses. FRIDAY THE 13TH is given far less credit than it deserves, when it should be considered amongst some of the better sequels.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.


  1. Thank you for saying so, I agree. Where the Halloween "remake" when off-the-rails, this one stayed truer to its original base, and I was happy for it.

  2. Each time I see it, I enjoy it more and more and look forward to it after Friday 7 ends knowing what lays before me. That machete never seemed heavily and more forceful!

  3. i was so disappointed in this a great chance to throw real money at it and they just made another cheesy sequel... don't get me wrong i love cheesy films. but a nice reboot would have secured the future of this franchise... like star trek.

  4. I thought it had enough momentum to gauge the audience's interest, and then make a bigger and badder sequel, but I guess this is the end for Jason once again... Until the NEXT remake!!

  5. I REALLY liked the first 20 to 25 minutes of this one and then I lost interest not long after. It reminded me more of a TCM type movie than FRIDAY THE 13TH. The movie was too long, too slow and the much lauded creative kills were not so creative. I liked it, but thought it could have been A LOT better had it maintained the intensity of the opening portion of the film. I do agree about the visual presentation, Carl.

  6. I would definitely rate the kills as being more realistic, but not more creative by any means, so I am with you there. That restart is truly the biggest distraction in the film, they should have stuck with one story or the other, but stopping after that strong build immediately halts the tension.

  7. never understood why people who do not like each other, hang out and then show their boobs... oh wait to get together and die...
    it was like thanksgiving.. with this being a turkey... gobble!

    don't get me wrong, i like a good pair of boobies [though there were more boobs, than hoots]... but it does not help this film.
    and maybe hope for the follow up sequel to not be so...

    much respect ladies...

  8. I actually really liked how the lead female constantly rejected the advances of the douchy rich kid, though the gratuitous nudity is undeniable lol..


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