Friday the 13th, Part 8 (1989)

JASON TAKES MANHATTAN is an ambitious idea that never lives up to its awesome premise. Due to expected budgetary limitations, director Rob Hedden was unable to shoot the majority of the planned sequences in New York City, and as a disappointing result, most of the picture occurs on the cruise ship that is transporting the teens from Crystal Lake (?) to Manhattan. With the end of the decade also came the end of the Slasher era, and FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART 8 signifies the death of the genre more than any other film. The confusing back story, idiotic characters, and pathetic death scenes are just a few of its many problems. Only two scenes stand out in this otherwise forgettable entry: Jason's jaunt down Times Square, and Julius' rooftop battle with the big guy! Kane Hodder is the only saving grace in the entire film thanks to another explosive performance as Jason. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN's poor performance effectively put an end to the original FRIDAY THE 13TH series until New Line Cinema later acquired the rights to the character for JASON GOES TO HELL.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.


  1. Yeah, so much wrong here. Such lost potential.

    But, the bizarre end and its non-mention in the following film are what fueled my brain for NaNoWriMo this year. So, that's something...

  2. As anyone who read my review can state, I did not exactly like it either. *Before you ask, 'No, I won't stop doing that- at least until I get more Members than you.'*

    There are some fun things to note though...

    1. Current Jason (Hodder) kills future Jason (Kerzinger), who plays a Diner Cook.

    2. The movie is full of some weird, 'Ringu'-style visuals. Our heroine gets visions of Voorhees as a boy, him appearing in mirrors and/or appearing in purple smoke. Weird.

    3. Jason kills someone with a guitar! This makes up for him just sort of choking one victim later on, despite the myriad of ways he could have.

    Good premise, bad execution. It's not all the director's fault though, as Carl noted. C'est la vie.

  3. I'm the only one who liked this one. It's a fact that I've come to live with. Seriously, I think it is one of those movies that is so bad it's hilariously good. First time I watched it, non-stop laughs.

  4. Also, kudos on finally ditching the word verification.

  5. It sucks so bad when I have to do them everywhere else, I decided to stop being lazy and just manually handle any of the spam comments. I actually have some fun with the NY stuff, but the first 75% is just a bore for me. There is nothing better than Jason kicking the boombox though!

    Alec -- I forgot to watch for that, even though I remember now!

    Joe, cant wait to see what you turn out this year!

  6. The Kerzinger cameo is hard to miss. He's the giant guy who works in the Diner. He's the only other person over 6 feet tall in the movie. :-)

    T.J., don't feel bad. We all have movies like that. I love 'Godzilla: Final Wars,' but get 'hated on' for liking it. The same goes for Carl and his weird obsession with 'Christmas Evil.' I kid, I kid.

  7. With Christmas coming around once again, I expect you to sit through it again in all of its splendiforous splendor Alec!

  8. Good luck with that, Carl. I've seen it twice already, so a third one will have to wait...for a while.

    No, I have a whole new slew of Christmas horror crap to cover. The one spot that remains unannounced on my schedule should be a doozy. I'm curious to see how many other people will actually cover it actually...

  9. I really hope you suffer through Christmas Season Massacre one of these years. I dont know that I can do it two years in a row

  10. I saw this in the theater and I remember some people exiting the theater, or groaning here and there. Absolutely stupid entry in this series. I remember in Fangoria the director was making this big deal over the death by toxic waste scene like it was something spectacular.

    I agree about what you said was good here, Carl, which sadly wasn't much.

  11. I always approach this one hoping that I will find something to champion in it with each new viewing, but it just boooores me to death and pisses me off every time. Its so stereotypical to hate on it though, so I try to give it a fair shot. Then I hate on it again.