Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre (2009)

A routine whale watching trip ends in bloodshed when a family of ex-whale hunters board the ship and begin ruthlessly slaughtering its passengers. This Icelandic import is filled with grisly murders on the high seas, including a harpoon through the chest that leaves one of the victims hanging off of the side of the ship like an anchor. Gunnar Hansen makes a special guest appearance as the ship's captain that kills over early on in just one of the film's many links to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The psychotic family members also draw distinct similarities to the Sawyer family; each were forced out of their occupations that involved animal killing, and each are composed of three members with one parent and two dysfunctional youths. HARPOON's familiar plot does not take away from its overall enjoyment, but the uneven pacing and unlikable victims do make it harder to connect. By sticking with traditional practical effects aboard the cold and cramped setting, Julius Kemp builds a dark and suffocating mood that reflects many of his grindhouse influences with this brutal and bloody Slasher.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Wow, a generic plot and some horror stunt-casting. I'm totally not sold.

    Until a whale jumps onto the boat and eats someone, I'll watch something else.

  2. Would it help if I told you a whale does jump onto the life raft and eats someone?

  3. Yes, actually- assuming that you're not just saying to pique my interest. :-)

  4. No no, it does happen, and it is the most rewarding whale eating since Orca. Possibly the only!

  5. Just for that, I added it to my Queue. Of course, some of us don't get screener copies and have to wait like a bunch of peons.

    Seriously, hook me up, buddy. :-)

  6. This movie is brilliantly inventive. Much better than all the rest of "Texas chainsaw" wannabe. This is the year of good horror movies on the ships like this or Triangle which i recommend to everybody ;)

  7. Alls I do is sit back and they find me, I'll be sure to pass along any leads though!

    Antonio I will be sure to check out The Triangle, this is certainly one of the better TCM clones, but I was hoping to get something more out of it. Still, a fun ride with some sweet gore!