Puppet Master 2 (1991)

The puppets are back, and this time they have revived their vengeful master Andre Toulon! When a group of paranormal investigators set up shop in the Bodega Bay Inn, they discover that the rumors about the Inn's murderous living puppets are true, but only after they become the puppets next victims! PUPPET MASTER 2 carries over all of the quirky humor and extravagant characters from the first film in another oddly entertaining entry. Each of the original puppets return with the addition of Torch, a bullet-toothed assassin that comes fully-equipped with a powerful flamethrower! Toulon releases the puppets to extract the spinal fluid from their victims in order to create enough of his secret formula to reanimate a life-sized puppet of his deceased wife, which leads to a number of blood-soaked deaths at the hands of the pint-sized terrors. Not surprisingly, the plot is scattered and misdirected, leading to a number of pointless side-steps and tedious filler. The special effects, on the other hand, continue to delight as the killer puppets head out on their murder spree. Strictly saved for B-movie savants.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 6/10.
Gore: 4/10.


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  2. Stop stealing my spotlight, Carl! I'm getting to "Puppet Master" tomorrow.

    You can wait. :-)

  3. I didn't really care for the first one so I never watched the sequel. Sounds like I'm not really missing anything.

  4. lol I couldnt help it Alec, I'm trying to drive people to MB to compare notes ;)

    TS -- the third and fourth films are by far the best, well worth checkout out. All of them are fun enough for the puppet action!

  5. I second that notion, TimTE01! My Puppet Master 2 review is going up in the morning!

    That's Carl for you. Always one step ahead of the rest of us...


  6. Race to the finish?? lol.. I have a pretty busy schedule, still owe reviews for The Taint and several Tartan titles, so you guys are sure to pull ahead. PLUS, just bought House of the Wolfman, Cronos, and Dead and Buried w00t!!1

  7. To be fair, I announce my review schedule quite a bit in advance. That way I can call you all on stuff like that.

    By the way, if anyone tries to beat me to 'Demons 6,' I'll cut them. ;-)

    P.S. Even if I was going to spoil my review, I haven't actually watched Part 2 yet. That and the original are on Instant Viewing and I got behind on the latter, since all of my Old-School Forgotten Sequels were Instant Viewing too.

  8. Well you got me there, I havent reviewed it since I was on FilmTalk's Forums lol..

  9. I kind of liked this sequel. Particularly the dark haired girl in the film who also promotes Full Moon product on the VHS tape. I recall they used to have these segments on all those atrocious Full Moon movies called Full Moon Zone or something like that.

    A naked Michelle Bauer was about all I liked in the third one. I didn't bother with anymore after that. The pain was too much.

  10. Those Video Zone clips are the only special features found on any of the Full Moon DVDs I have picked up V, interesting idea for VHS that was ahead of its time. The only thing I did like here was the introduction of Torch