Puppet Master 3 (1991)

The Nazi's obsession with the occult leads them to the home of a gifted puppet master, Andre Toulon, where they hope to uncover the the secret behind his living puppets for use in their own military applications. Their confrontation with Toulon leaves his wife Elsa dead at his feet, and after a daring escape, Toulon vows to avenge her using his murderous puppets to destroy the Third Reich! Full Moon Entertainment mainstay David DeCoteau presents the strongest entry in the PUPPET MASTER series with this origin story, which features Toulon's early beginnings and the creation of several of the most memorable puppets. Guy Rolfe offers a truly sympathetic and sincere performance that humanizes the character of Andre Toulon while giving him a meaningful reason for revenge. PUPPET MASTER 3 is the largest production of any of the films, using the Universal backlot to simulate Nazi Germany with exceptional results. The puppetry and stop-motion animation also rank very highly within the series, particularly in the articulation and movement of the puppets' newest addition, Six-Shooter. Although there would be a few entertaining entries to follow, PUPPET MASTER 3 marks the high point for Toulon and his friends.

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.


  1. Not only is it arguably the best of the "Puppet Master" films, but it is inarguably the best film David DeCoteau has ever directed and/or produced.

    It's hard to believe the same guy who did this movie did "Puppet Master: Axis of Evil" and "The Killer Eye."

  2. Steve, I couldn't agree more, which is all the more reason I was so disappointed in the Puppet's most recent venture. I just don't understand why Full Moon has been unable to produce a single decent followup after PM4 when the series had to have been the most successful asset for them in the 90s.

  3. Agreed, Carl. 3 is easily the most accessible of the Puppet Master films, and has a level of quality I don't think the series ever achieved again (though I may have missed a title here and there).

  4. If you missed anything, just grab The Legacy, which is the cheap breeze through the best scenes of every film =D