Sorum (2001)

Yong-Hyun moves in to a dilapidated new apartment in downtown Seoul, where he meets an abused wife that has recently lost a child. After a particularly violent episode, her husband is killed in a fall, and Yong-Hyun aids her in burying him. As the two begin a love affair of their own, they soon discover each other's dark secrets and uncover the hidden past of their wretched housing complex. SORUM is an oppressive character drama in which none of the tenants are able to escape from their own miserable surroundings. It is their own lies and deceit that keep them imprisoned under the apartment's corrosive curse. The unpolished sets and restrained score set an eerie mood that reflects the loneliness and despair in each of the characters. Any attempts to unravel the mystery of room 504 and the ghost tale that underlies the plot will likely require multiple viewings, as each of the clues and explanations are deeply embedded in unspoken metaphors. SORUM succeeds with a constant sense of unease, but Horror fans will have to look elsewhere for their scares.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I love movies like this, the kind of psychological horror film where a lot of the horror comes from the personalities and histories of the characters themselves.

  2. Sold. Bumped this one on my cue. Its been a while since i have seen a decent Korean flick...

  3. You guys should both really enjoy this one, I would like it to CHRISTMAS EVIL and DRILLER KILLER if it were any bloodier, but it is probably most similar to SPIDER FOREST.

  4. I just watched this last night and I also compared it, moodwise, in my mind to Dark Water. I was pretty shocked by the end of the relationship between Yong-Hyun and the neighbor woman but less so by the truth about his apartment. I enjoyed the process of watching the movie but I'm really not sure what I watched. His actions and the lack of consequences for them must be a metaphor that I'm not smart enough to understand.

  5. This was a difficult watch for me as well, and reminds me of the complexity of SPIDER FOREST that I also missed out on in the initial view. Thanks for stopping by Erin!