The Taint (2010)

If gratuitous gore, sex, and gross-outs are your thing, then it is time you caught THE TAINT! Director Drew Bolduc spews forth this gooey shocker from the same pus-filled sore that produced films like SLIME CITY, STREET TRASH, and POULTRYGEIST. Every shred of moral decency, political correctness, and tact is thrown out the window as the men in small town Virginia are turned into murderous misogynists with raging boners after being exposed to tainted drinking water. Phil and a few select survivors must battle their way through the city before their heads are smashed in by the crazed sex maniacs! THE TAINT must have broken several records, with no less than twenty smashed heads and an equal amount of penises shot off during Phil's patriotic rampage in the end. Bolduc takes on the hilarious lead himself as the carefree skater that must face his own fears and man up against the misogynists. Anyone familiar with the Troma features can appreciate the campy performances and nonsensical plotting, where random scenes are interjected with no particular rhyme or reason. THE TAINT is a tribute to low-budget gore classics that more than pays off in laughs, blood, guts, and splatter!

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Gore: 10/10.

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  1. The Taint's title alone makes it worth checking out....

  2. Its true, lol... At least you know what you are getting in to!

  3. I just finished watching this. It's made by dudes that live in my hometown so I recognized the 'sets' immediately. So I really, really , really wanted to love this, Richmond love and all. But I just couldn't! It's so hipster I'm-so-cool-with-all-the dick-jokes bullshit humor that I just have to want to kill myself. I forget what I"m watching most of the time because it's so all over the place. Thank goodness it's only a little over an hour. It's a shame really. The gore is good, but I'm not a gorehound and never will be. Oh well.

    It is nice to see Richmond filmmakers on the blogs and in the mags though.

  4. Whatup dudette, how'd you know I was thinking about you when I popped in THE LORELY'S GRASP last night? I think Drew successfully captured that pure Troma goodness unlike so many other failed Indie attempts in the past decade. His apathetic lead just cracked me up in the same way the Dead Hooker girls did from last week's viewings. As Z-Grade intentional garbage and exploitation, it strikes very close to Street Trash in my opinion. I'm surprised we didnt catch you in it since it was filmed so close to home!

  5. I like how we were thinking alike about the Troma-eeness. Thank the indie gods, Americans have the balls to still make f*cked up flicks like this :-)

  6. Totally JV, I enjoyed this more than Poultrygeist, in fact!