The Collector (2009)

THE COLLECTOR is one of the most frustrating recent additions in Horror. Marcus Dunstan did not feel he had done enough damage to the genre by scripting the FEAST and SAW sequels, so he felt compelled to write and direct his own new series in order to further anger and confuse film fans. THE COLLECTOR follows an ex-con who breaks into a client's home in an attempted robbery, only to find out that a sadistic killer has already broken in and setup a number of deadly traps all throughout the house. Dunstan adapts James Wan's kinetic filming from SAW and turns it into a nauseating viewing experience. On top of the flash cuts and distracting edits, there are a number of unneeded shots that are in no way linked to the plot. The two worst examples include a first-person perspective shot taken from a drop of rain as it falls to the ground, and a microscopic zoom that travels into the eye of a spider. Why? Aside from the annoying visual style and obnoxious score, the logical inconsistencies are enough to drive any viewer mad. The time frame that is established only gives the killer a matter of hours to rig a series of intricately-laid traps, and that is assuming that the family even left the house at all in order for him to do so. The presumably human killer is also impaled by one of his own cruel devices, which should have left him dead, but instead has no effect on him whatsoever. On top of that, the little plot that exists is unnecessarily contrived, with the film's antihero forced into robbing his client to pay off his wife's debts to some loan shark for reasons that are never explained. Dunstan only succeeds with the impressive amount of gore that he packs into each of the grisly traps. If he had only stripped the production down to a much more simple shooting style and dropped the useless additions to the plot, he could have had an interesting and bloody entry in the Torture Porn genre. Instead, THE COLLECTOR comes off as being trite, self-indulgent, and utterly pointless.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. It will look nice on the shelf right next to your copy of SORORITY ROW Becks, lol.. I knew before I even posted this that you would be on the opposite side of the spectrum here! Can you give me 1-3 arguments in its defense so I can try to shake my own opinion?

  2. this one was, like can i just get one break kind of movie... i enjoyed the way over tortures, it was a different feel than the saw series...

  3. Ive only read positive reviews for the film online, but I simply couldnt stand watching it. It physically hurt.

  4. I can do better than give you 3 arguments, I can link my review:

    I totally understand where you're coming from, but I just thought this film was kinda fresh, especially because I literally knew nothing about it before I watched it. Even though references to Saw are inescapable, the visual style was still pretty different than Saw, more grainy than slick. And I thought the actors were all good too and the lead was interesting. Oh and the gore was fun!

    The plot details are completely improbable, but that didn't really bother me as I watched the movie. I just accepted it and that's easy to do for me, but I get why it's hard for a lot of people.

  5. I cant separate the dad from being Ted Bundy from the docudrama Tartan flick a few years ago lol..

    Really I could have dealt with all of the other flaws in the picture if it wasnt for the overbearing style choices. Off to the review to refresh!