The Fly (1958)

"Help me! Help meee!" 1958 saw the release of one of Horror's most memorable movie monsters: THE FLY! The police are investigating the murder of a brilliant researcher when they learn that it was his wife, in fact, that killed him. She tells the tale of daring new science experiment that had gone horribly wrong, where her husband was mistakenly crossed with a fly during an attempt at human teleportation. THE FLY leaps far ahead of its B-movie brethren due to Kurt Neumann's superb handling of the material, taking a silly plot and transforming it into a conceivable human tragedy. David Hedison is brilliant in the role of the mad doctor; a charming husband on the one hand, but an obsessive scientist with an undying lust for knowledge on the other. It is Patricia Owens that is left to carry the film after the accident, and she does so with a striking performance that is filled with loving devotion for her poor unfortunate husband. The greatest shock comes when Hedison steps out of the transporter after attempting to reverse the effects of the transmutation, revealing for the first time his hideously deformed appearance. Neumann also introduces a unique kaleidoscopic lensing for the first-person perspective of The Fly in the thrilling climax. THE FLY is a distinguished classic that is essential viewing for all Sci-Fi and Horror enthusiasts!

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. blooming love this movie! I thought return of the fly was good but I preffered curse

  2. It is funny to note that MGM shelled out the money to make this movie in color, but decided against it for the sequels. That's a bad sign, right?

    Part of this movie's problem is its fame. The movie builds up really well to the reveal of the mutation. Of course, we already know what to expect. It doesn't ruin the film, mind you, but imagine being a 1950's viewer and how you'd react.

  3. I am always surprised at how fast moving it is. I get so disappointed when its over because I am so involved in what is going on. Alec I always think the same thing, especially when watching movies of William Castle's where cheap gimmicks would have actually changed the entire viewing experience at the time!

  4. That final moment in the spider web disturbed and distressed me far more than most people it would seem. It's become almost a moment of ridicule for the film, but that scene haunted me for months after I first saw the film. It still creeps the hell out of me now.

  5. Now that is something I have always been confused about, Shaun. That second fly is still just a fly that has received human components, right? Why has it been given the ability to speak? It would seem that it would retain its own brain power just as the scientist had retained his, only it would have been given his face? A matter of contention for me.