In Their Sleep (2010)

Sarah begins working extra hours at the hospital to fill the void left by the loss of her son. On her return home after a long night, she accidentally hits a bloodied teen with her car, and offers to drive him back to her house so that she can nurse his wounds. When a crazed driver attempts to run them off the road, Arthur explains that he had been assaulted by the man and only narrowly escaped, but neither of them expect him to return with a knife in their sleep... Caroline du Potet's film debut features the frightening theme of home invasion that has been made popular by films like FUNNY GAMES and ILS. Although it does offer several bloody moments, IN THEIR SLEEP retains focus on creating a rising tension and suspense. The closeness that Sarah and Arthur share also keeps the audience in a constant state of anxiety as more and more of Arthur's uncertain background is revealed. This is only made possible thanks to Anne Parillaud and Arthur Dupont's strong performances on screen. IN THEIR SLEEP is dark and intense, a fast-paced thriller with a beautiful but shocking finale.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. ah, can't hardly wait for this! love the trailer

  2. I had never heard of this one- will check the video store to see if they have it as it sounds interesting.

  3. I would watch for it On Demand and on Netflix, it should be available now!