Monday, December 20, 2010

Jacob's Ladder (1990)

JACOB'S LADDER is a thought provoking piece of intellectual Horror that takes an introspective look at love, loss, fear, and death through one man's tragic journey. Tim Robbins stars as Jacob Singer, a Vietnam Vet who is haunted by demonic nightmares that begin to materialize in his daily life. As he struggles to maintain his sanity, he is reminded of an experimental drug that was administered to his entire unit which may be the cause for his descent into his own personal hell. Director Adrian Lyne toys with his audience's sanity as well, leaving the viewer just as lost and confused as Jacob is in an opening act that is filled with monstrous imagery and twisted timelines. A series of cleverly placed clues slowly work to unravel the mystery, but the greatest revelations come from Jacob's insightful chiropractor. Robbins brings out an emotional performance as the unassuming Jacob in a sad but touching role. JACOB'S LADDER combines a dark, gritty character drama with a touch of horror and fantasy.

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. The first time I watched it was with my sister. Neither of had heard anything about it before picking it up in the video store. It freaked my sister out, but I loved it.

  2. I love it too, its been a long time since I have seen it, college maybe?

  3. The blurry head people always freaked me out the most, for some reason. I always dreaded their appearances in the film.

  4. I cant shake the tail of the guy in the subway, that is the one image that I always thought of when thinking back on the film =D

  5. Very good flick that leaves you wondering which parts of Jabob's life were real.

  6. I still wonder if perhaps Jacob had left his wife or whether he maybe lusted after the other woman before he left for Vietnam. So many questions, and so open to interpretation!


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