Sleepaway Camp 2 (1988)

Angela's back, only this time, she is the lead councilor at Camp Rolling Hills just a little ways down the road from her old killing grounds. Now, Camp Rolling Hills is about to become Camp Rolling Heads for any of the unlucky campers that decide to break the rules! Any shred of seriousness that may have been left over from the first film is traded in for gratuitous boobs, blood, and bad jokes in this campy sequel. Angela spends most of her time spouting out silly one-liners when she's not taking stabs at each of the major Horror franchises. Even though Felissa Rose is missed in the lead, Pamela Springsteen's cheery attitude makes her an excellent replacement as the transgendered terror. Angela torches two teens, drills another, drowns one in an outhouse, decapitates a few, and then dices up the rest with whatever other gardening tools she finds lying around. SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 is a bloody good time with plenty of late-80's cheese to go around!

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.


  1. You definitely need to be in the right mindset for this one. If you're expecting something serious, you'll be annoyed. If you're expecting an all-out comedy/satire, you'll be letdown.

    This one of those weird films from the '80s which parodied the genre, while also retaining all of the things it mocked. It's a lot like 'Scream,' only without the blown-up sense of importance.

    Of course, Carl already knows how I feel about the films. So will you if you go to my site (which totally did the movies first). :-)

  2. I heart this movie so much. It's a funny, bloody good time, and a favorite from my childhood. I've watched it over and over and still love it.

  3. Its hard not to love, and definitely one of my favs from the late 80s when everything else was going down the crapper.

  4. a classic from the slasher films and a pretty good movie, even though the ending was kinda stupid.

    angela is seriously kick ass though.

  5. The best of this series, for me. The deaths were right creative. A shame the third one turned out so bad.

  6. Easily the most entertaining, although I'd say the acting is worse here than in the first. Pamela is the one great exception