Sleepaway Camp 3 (1990)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp... Camp New Horizons opens its doors to a group of inner-city youths, but what the councilors don't know is that the infamous Angela Baker has killed one of their teens and taken her place amongst the campers! Pamela Springsteen returns in another hilarious performance as everyone's favorite transvestite killer with plenty more tricks up her sleeve. While many of the teen characters are barely passable in this third outing, TEENAGE WASTELAND takes full advantage of the idiotic extras by raking in the largest body count in the series. The censored deaths are far less bloody than intended due to the strict scrutiny the MPAA showed against the Slasher genre towards the end of the decade, but one needs look no further than the Special Features on the DVD release to cash in on the gory leftovers. Michael A. Simpson makes up for it by packing in all of the same great nudity and cheesy humor from before, making this another highly entertaining (if not utterly stupid) camp classic!

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.


  1. Yeah, the third time was not the charm. Here are my issues...

    1. The whole plot is a retread. It's even the same campsite- just with new owners.

    2. By pacing out the kills the way they did, it seemed really unrealistic.

    3. Way to ruin two films worth of build-up to a confrontation.

    If you liked the second film, you'll probably not hate this one. For me, I could have skipped it.

  2. And yet.. both sequels are INFINITELY better than RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP! Wait, I can't remember if we are in agreeance on that or not..

  3. I haven't actually seen it. My brother hated it, so I'm not sure how to feel.

    Quite frankly, I'm more interested in seeing the scraps of 'Sleepaway Camp IV' than that.

    I tell you what: if you want me to rip it to shreds, I'll do it. There's still some free space in January.

  4. Heres the thing dude, some people actually prefer it over the others. I dont know how, and I dont know why, but I think it simply must be Bizarro'd, for posterity. Always for posterity.

  5. ...and so it shall be. 1/16 is the date to keep an eye out for. You heard it here first!

  6. i remember seeing this film back when they would show it on hbo. Good times. That angela was so badass.

    gotta see the rest of those movies though. Great review by the way.

  7. As a side note, make sure to watch at least part of this movie with the Commentary on. It's funny to listen to Simpson laugh at the film's plot holes and randomness (most notably the graffiti sign that says 'Angela is Back.'). Good times.

  8. This was an awful sequel. Both films were shot back to back and it's obvious the third was made with leftover scraps from the much superior part two. My step mother rented both these back when they hit VHS and it was disappointing to find much of the gore shown in the Fangoria issues pretty much gone from the film.

  9. Yeah this used to be my least favorite in the series.. Until 4...