Sunday, December 12, 2010

Splice (2009)

Two brilliant geneticists rush to splice human DNA with the recombinant DNA of several receptive animal strains to form a unique new life-form before their funding is pulled by their investors, but their careless disregard for the dangerous consequences unleashes a killer creature in their small lab. This simple retooling of SPECIES is no more intelligent or entertaining, although it does try to mask itself behind a pompous air of psuedo-science. SPLICE sells itself as an intellectual Horror film, but the questions it raises regarding the ethics of cloning are made silly due to the ridiculous plot and unprofessional practices of its characters. Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley are unremarkable as the leads, lending very little to the "nature versus nurture" debate in their respective roles. The cartoony computerization used for Dren's various stages of evolution is a blemish on KNB's typically impressive track record. SPLICE is just another substandard SciFi shocker with a glossy exterior.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. aww, I had sort of high-ish hopes. Too bad. There are just not enough good scifi horror movies nowadays.

  2. I knew from the trailer that I wouldnt be in to this one, but the wife wanted to check it out. My problem was that it just thought it was better than it was; a cheesy B-movie. If the trailer appealed to you Hannah, it will still be worth the watch, but expect odd monster sex and lots of slow character development with few scares.

  3. agree. good but definitely nothing special

  4. I thought this one had some interesting ideas. The gf liked this one more than I did, but I did like it, just not totally crazy about it. Adrian Brody is in everything these days it seems.

  5. I think it thinks it is better than it is for sure. If the science had been more convincing I may have been able to suspend my disbelief a little more, but it all just seemed so silly. No more realistic than SPECIES in my book.


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