And Soon the Darkness (2010)

Two girls set off on a bike tour across Argentina, but when one of them goes missing after they become separated, the other gets caught up in a small town's sinister conspiracy. AND SOON THE DARKNESS is the 2010 remake of the classic British thriller bearing the same name, although it is hardly recognizable here. Marcos Efron draws more inspiration from the American "torture-porn" cycle than he does from Robert Fuest's superior film, reducing his characters to weak stereotypes while replacing the high-strung suspense with cheap exploitation. DARKNESS begins with a girl who is bound and tortured in some filthy dungeon, just to remind the impatient viewer that yes, there will be blood. After a tiring opening act, the more annoying of the two girls is thankfully kidnapped, but she is plainly shown being dragged away from her resting site, thereby dismissing any possibility that she may have gotten lost or left the town out of anger after the girls' brief fight. The ambiguity behind Ellie's disappearance is what drove the mystery and suspense in the original, and yet it is somehow non-existent in this version. One question must be asked after watching this film: Who was the intended audience? It obviously wasn't good enough to earn itself a theatrical release, and only the small minority of Horror fans that have seen the first film would even recognize the title on video. To extend that further, those that have actually seen the original would be sure to hate the changes made in the remake. So again, who was the intended audience for this film? AND SOON THE DARKNESS is not only cliche and forgettable, but it is also a disgrace to its source material.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. Amen! I agree with your review! The original ia a tense masterpiece, very realistic. This is the average remake, not disastrous but absolutely unsatisfying for the screenplay changes that have been made. Even the actors didn't gave a decent performance, aside from few exceptions...

  2. I rented this last week and didn't bother doing a write up for it. I liked the girls in their bikinis and also their tiny backpacks that held various changes of clothing, towels, etc. Pretty pointless flick.

  3. I didnt even realize that it had come out until someone referenced it on one of the blogs, it would have been better left undiscovered.

  4. I absolutely hated it. Compared to the fabulous original, it's just a stinking pile of crap