Sunday, January 9, 2011

Battle in Outer Space (1959)

First, the Mysterians attacked Earth. Now, the battle rages on in space! BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE is Ishiro Honda's exciting followup to 1957's THE MYSTERIANS, where Earth's mightiest nations must once again band together in order to defeat an alien threat that is attacking cities around the world from their base on the moon. It features more fantastic special effects and miniature work from Toho great Eiji Tsuburaya combined with the beautiful art designs of Akira Watanabe and another booming score by GOJIRA composer Akira Ifukube. Although BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE may lack the power and impact of THE MYSTERIANS' captivating plot, the creative special effects and huge action sequences make it a bold Science Fiction spectacle unto itself. A hint of influence can be seen in Mario Bava's PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, specifically in the rich use of color and the way that the aliens implant their thoughts into the minds of their human hosts, while the final battle between Earth's X-15 fighters and the alien mothership might easily have shaped the attack on the Death Star found at the end of STAR WARS. Complete with death rays, laser battles, and intergalactic dogfights, BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE is an exhilarating space opera from Japan's greatest fantasy director!

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe no one has commented on this one. This is a true classic of Japanese cinema. Now if only GORATH would get an uncut release on DVD here. It was released on VHS tape back in the day minus the Magma section.

  2. Which is the exact reason I chose to review it, I'd never heard of it before which means it totally had to be reviewed! It takes a little time getting into compared to THE MYSTERIANS, but once they land on the moon, BATTLE IN SPACE is a friggin wild ride! I thought GORATH was out on DVD, but I think I confused it with DOGORA?

  3. Is there a cut release over here V?

  4. For GORATH? Only on VHS tape. My friend at fareastflix sells a fansubbed edition of the Japanese DVD. The US dubbed version was missing the giant walrus sequence. The creature was called Magma. The whole movie is about the world coming together in an effort to divert the Earth from its axis to avoid being destroyed by a gigantic meteor scientists dubbed Gorath. The planetoid was also a subplot that was inexplicably dropped from GODZILLA FINAL WARS. I reviewed GORATH some time back. I think you may have commented on it.

  5. Now that you mention the walrus it definitely sounds familiar. Time to start a petition with Media Blasters for a R1 release?


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