Blackout (2008)

Three people are trapped in an elevator during an unfortunate blackout, but they soon find out that thirst, hunger, and the fear of being forgotten are the least of their worries when one of them turns out to be a ruthless killer. What was shaping up to be a claustrophobic psychological thriller like Adam Green's FROZEN quickly diminishes into a substandard Slasher in BLACKOUT. The character-heavy plot suffers most from one thing: the terrible choice in characters. Amber Tamblyn plays another sappy and melodramatic student who is trapped alongside Armie Hammer's rough but sensitive biker and Aidan Gillen's clever and calculated doctor. Guess which is the killer. Each of them are poorly written, and their back stories do nothing to earn them any sympathy or compassion. The realistic fears that the situation represents are forgotten as the film spends more time focusing on the victim's issues that exist outside of the elevator. Without the unnecessary Slasher element, BLACKOUT may have had some potential. As it stands, it is a pretentious and predictable bore that creates neither tension nor suspense.

Rating: 6/10.

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