Blood Surf (2000)

Blood surfing: -verb. to chum the water with blood in order to surf with sharks. Ex. Two surfers head out to the tropics to make some quick cash blood surfing for a nature photographer, but they run into big trouble when a 31-foot salt water crocodile takes to the waves instead. BLOOD SURF takes a fun idea and destroys it by cramming the film with so many unnecessary subplots that the original story is hardly recognizable by the end. Thankfully, it never tries to be anything more than the silly and stupid B-movie that it truly is. The physical blood surfing only lasts for a single scene, where the visual effects team had their one and only shot to display their terrible computerized sharks. Although John Carl Buechler does slightly better with the mechanical croc, the cheap green-screening makes it look entirely unconvincing. Director James Hickox shamelessly references every key scene in JAWS throughout the picture as well, and the little amount of gore towards the end does nothing to save it. BLOOD SURF can be filed right alongside LAKE PLACID 2, CROCODILE, SUPERCROC, and so many other terrible straight-to-video releases.

Rating: 4/10.

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  1. omg, clearly the worst croc flick I've seen so far. The plot is terrible, the acting horrid and the croc scenes all look pretty crappy

  2. With so many purely CG croc flicks out there, I would only have to argue that the Asylum films have the upper hand over even BLOOD SURF. Still, as hella lame as using the word hella.

  3. I remember reading about this and Hooper's CROCODILE in Fangoria and the pics looked really good at the time. Now, I can't even remember the movie at all, but I did see it on sci fi channel a few years ago. I don't even remember liking, or disliking it!

  4. It is good for some stupid laughs and Buechler's croc is actually kinda cool, but it is just another trash flick