The H-Man (1958)

A crafty gang member disappears after a daring bank robbery, leaving his wife behind to deal with the police. Chikako is caught between the police investigators and Misaki's gangster friends, each of whom want him found. The police are approached by a local scientist, who offers them a theory regarding nuclear radiation that may have transformed Misaki into an amorphous blob capable of absorbing men alive! THE H-MAN is a reactive response to the fears of the Nuclear Era that is presented in a unique and interesting new way, featuring startling special effects by master craftsman Eiji Tsuburaya. Director Ishiro Honda melds elements of the classic Film Noir into his Science Fiction fantasy film with an even blending of both genres. Unfortunately, the pacing severely detracts from the plot, with far too much time spent wasting away in the jazzy nightclub as the police stakeout Misaki. Tsuburaya's effects take center stage once again, especially as the collapsing bodies of Misaki's victims deflate and dissolve into the greenish blobs in a horrifying display on screen. While it may not have had the same significant effect as GOJIRA, THE H-MAN nevertheless takes a strong stance against the devastating effect of nuclear radiation, and serves as an excellent companion piece to the American-made THE BLOB from the same year.

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Rating: 7/10.


  1. Oh man, you are speaking my language!

  2. Wow, I have not heard anyone mention this movie in ages.....Actually creeped me out as a kid when they made us to those drills - hiding under the desk "to protect us" - this is what I thought about! Darn my grandmother for working for an art school and letting me watch this stuff! Just kidding. Loved my gran and I cannot thank her enough for her forsight to let me discover what was entertaining to me.

    This movie will always remind me of her.

    Thanks....that made my evening!!


  3. This one is really good stuff, it is too bad it is hampered by the awkward pacing. Now, an amorphous blob detective sliding under doors and fighting crime, on the other hand...

    Froggie it sounds like Grandma knew what was up!