Horsemen (2009)

A police detective must track down a group of sadistic serial killers that are posing as the four horsemen of the apocalypse before they complete their ritualistic murders in 2009's HORSEMEN. Amongst other unmistakable similarities, HORSEMEN rides on the same type of religiously-themed murders as David Fincher's SE7EN, but with less style and a far less convincing storyline. The two films share so many likenesses, in fact, that HORSEMEN comes dangerously close to becoming straight plagiarism. With no interesting or compelling characters for it to fall back on, director Jonas Åkerlund simply falls back on the shock value of the murders to try and maintain interest. The plot twist is painfully obvious from very early on, and the ending is completely unsatisfying. Dennis Quaid appears as if he was drinking his way through his performance, and who can blame him? The four villains plead with the police to 'Come and see,' but this reviewer would have to warn against it.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. i did like this film, though at one point i did that thing, ahhhh, i know what is going to happen...