House of Fears (2007)

Things aren't all fun and games for a group of friends that decide to sneak into the local haunted attraction when they unwittingly unleash a number of vile demons from an ancient relic that is mistaken for a stage prop. Each new room brings to life one of the teens' greatest fears as they struggle to escape alive! HOUSE OF FEARS may not live up to its premise, but does put together a few decent frights and some moody atmospherics. Ryan Little makes full use of the shooting location, which outperforms his actors in every way. The cast members are unenthusiastic as they sleepwalk through the spooky maze, rarely screaming or laughing as the various gags spring out at them from all sides. Things quickly change when they start being chased down by a gnarled scarecrow, a terrifying clown, and a pale faced killer. Clumsy writing makes it difficult to tell who is afraid of what or why the monsters attack the entire group and not just the individual, but it's best not to over think the picture. Although HOUSE OF FEARS would make a better attraction than a film, it adds a few fun shocks to the average teen Slasher.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. Sounds pretty average. Is there anyone worthwhile in the film?

  2. I didnt recognize anyone, but the House, itself, makes it worth it. I only wish we had that sweet haunted house here!