Jaws of Satan (1981)

In one of the most confused JAWS rip-off of all time, the devil assumes the body of an escaped King Cobra and commands the local serpents to lash out against the inhabitants of a small Southern town. Despite the concerns voiced by a pair of doctors who have identified the recent deaths as being caused by snake bites, the town's greedy mayor is unwilling to alert the authorities for fear that it will have a negative affect on the opening of their new dog track. It is up to the last remaining descendant of Saint Patrick to seek out the evil that is threatening his congregation and destroy it once and for all! JAWS OF SATAN inexplicably combines elements from both JAWS and THE EXORCIST to form "THE SNAKESORCIST" in an absurd but oddly hilarious twist on the killer animal genre. The film is completely devoid of logic, and is filled with plenty of awkward moments and inane dialog. It can only be taken halfway serious thanks to Dean Cundy's keen photography and the straightforward performances from each of the cast members, many of whom had to physically handle the intimidating six-foot rattlesnakes. JAWS OF SATAN is only worth watching for its many moments of B-movie cheese, but it ranks right alongside NIGHT OF THE LEPUS when it comes to unintentional humor.

Rating: 5/10.
Entertainment: 7/10.

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This film was reviewed as part of Project Terrible: ILHM vs Mondo Bizarro.


  1. Yeah, that's about what I remembered. I saw it on AMC on October a few years back. I love the fact that somebody combined the killer animal film with the Satan film. Classic.

    Got to love the random snake killing too. I remember it looking pretty realistic too. I wonder if it's from the same school of thought as 'Food of the Gods.'

  2. Wow, this sounds like a true 'B' movie classic. Thanks for throwing this one into the ILM mix Carl. Director Bob Claver went on to direct TV's Classic Fun show Automan. Gotta love that one :) .

  3. JoS is a forgettable film. So thanks for reminding me it existed. No seriously, I saw it a long time ago and it was meh.

  4. I never thought I would see the day when a snake became possessed by Satan, but I guess it makes sense? My favorite scene is where the guy catches the rattlesnake in the chicks room, and slowly produces his pistol to shoot it in the friggin face. A herpetologist, no less! What kind of snake scientist shoots a snake's head off?

  5. Its true, he ain't takin no snake's shit any more!

  6. Crap movie. Christina Applegate is in this, too.