Missing (2009)

A trip to the country turns deadly when a quick stop off at a small restaurant gets Hong killed and Hyun-ah locked up in a cage by the shop's sadistic owner. Hyun-ah must obey his every command if she hopes to live, but her troubles have only just begun... MISSING fits right in with the recent rash of "torture-porn" exploitation films that has now spread into Asian cinema. The clean cinematography and solid acting can be deceiving, since behind them lies images of rape, mutilation, and murder. Sung-Hong Kim includes many brutal and bloody shots, the most horrifying of which shows one character being fed through a grain grinder while she is still alive. MISSING is surprisingly well-made, which is a rare feat in a graphic film of this nature. Where it falls short is in telling an interesting or compelling story, instead relying mostly on its shock value to move things along at a decent pace. Seong-geun Moon proves to be a sufficiently creepy villain, starting off the film as a tired and bitter old fool before revealing his inner monster. The production quality of MISSING gives it a higher ranking than most other cheap exploitation films of its kind, but Kim's strict adherence to standard convention holds it back from becoming anything more.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. Actually, the tired and beaten to death term "torture porn" was done in Japan long before it was being done here as in the late 1960s. The sadism in those older films is incredible. It was a series of films by Teruo Ishii called JOY OF TORTURE. There were other entries done by other directors, but the set up was anthology format of various methods of torture, both sexual and sadistic that led to violent death during the Tokugawa Era. And let's not forget those GUINEA PIG movies also from Japan. Granted, the newer HOSTEL type movies put that type of thing back in the limelight, but they're anything but original. I'd not even heard of MISSING, Carl.

  2. I havent had the chance to go back to the original Japanese sources yet, but I did see EVIL DEAD TRAP and RED ROOM, which preceded the HOSTEL cycle. This was a 2009 release out of South Korea that hasnt hit R1 yet, it is slightly edgy with the gore and rape, but nothing extreme like in THE BUTCHER. I'd still give it a go if I were you V, it might be a better throwback to the original Japanese cycle based on your tastes =D